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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we have one wish, to beat the pittsburgh steelers. first, we want to start with breaking news out of baltimore city where officials have told abc2 news that two high school students have been arrested after bringing a gun to school today. it happened at renaissance academy in northwest baltimore there. were two teens with an unloaded handgun. the boys were arrested. an investigation is underway. it is city primary election eve and they all want the big job of being the mayor of baltimore. roosevelt leftwich has more. rosie? >> reporter: who's going to wind up in the mayor's office? there are six candidates including the candidate mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. tonight we took a look at three of them. >> you get a summer job for eight weeks.
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>> reporter: it's an old political stand by, press the flesh and meet the folks you hope are voting for you. that's what he says is his big selling point. >> i keep hearing over and over again, what are you going to do to bring more resources, to create jobs. the office of the mayor is downtown, but the work is in the neighborhood. >> reporter: from rolley's hand changes -- shakes to catherine pugh's hugs, she helped register hundreds of new voters and has been making a last big push. >> we know who our voters are. we've been on the streets every day, talking to people every chance we ge. i campaign rain -- we get. i campaign in the rain, storms. >> reporter: from her optimism
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to jody landers' scrap iness it's not set in stone and baltimore needs change to do that people need to be encouraged to get out and vote tomorrow. >> a lot of people in the media are making predictions that this election is already over, that it's a fate accomplished. i want to send a message to the citizens that this election is not over and every vote counts. people need to participate in this election. >> reporter: the incumbent mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has been doing door-to-door campaigning. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. >> stay with abc2 news. you can log on to our website at and then click on the political link right under the news tab. there, you'll findults
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tomorrow night along with where your voting location is and how you can register. it's all for you at let's take a look at the cleanup in port deposit. while the cleanup is underway some flood victims arrived at their homes only to learn they have been condemned. building inspectors, electrical inspectors, delmarva went house to house making sure they were structurally sound. about a half a dozen homes received yellow danger tags right there on their doors prohibiting those from going back into their homes. >> i mean, we had this much water. you can see on the base boards, which wasn't much. our electrical sockets, everything is up high. >> well, those barred from their homes have been instructed to hire private contractors to repair homes. it was a great day to get
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out on the bay and go fishing. wait until you see the catch abc2 news don harrison found on the chesapeake bay. >> reporter: even though the skies are blue, there's evidence of the storm from last week. it's not going away soon. maryland's natural resources recommend that you stay away from the trib tear ri -- tributaries. >> it will take awhile for it to be pushed out. >> reporter: besides the impact of boaters, the water quality will take a hit. >> it could be the second largest rain event since hurricaning aness in 197 --ing a -- agnes in 1972. >> it has a negative impact.
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with this much nutrients and sediments coming into the bay, this will probably have a carry over effect into 2012. >> reporter: the conowingo dam gates were open at almost record levels. besides the sediment runoff that evened ad to the problem. >> -- even added to the problems. >> we had rain thursday, friday and saturday. >> the rainfall was not localized. it was significant throughout the water shed. when we have an event like this, it affects every part of the water shed. >> reporter: don harrison, abc2 news. >> the department of natural resources will continue to monitor it. we didn't know what to do with
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ourselves today. after the earthquake, irene and lee, many school districts had to use two of the four days. most of the days are used in the winter for snow. some districts are con sender. anne arundel, for one, has already used two of its four days. >> it is a little bit unare in offing and a little bit worrisome but it's not going to affect our decision making. we'll make a decision to keep schools open or delay openings based on the best interest of our school. >> anne arundel county said this may ask for a waiver since the school was technically in a state of emergency. for moshings -- more, log on to our website we'll give you a complete breakdown. it's always good to check
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out the website. pretty quiet. had a couple of ren ni gade showers down towards the beaches and some -- ren renegade showers down towards the beaches and back in the mid-80s with sunshine looking good. there are changes for wednesday. we profiled that. a look at your weekend coming up. >> do not forget you can download the weather app. you can get an hour by hour forecast right there in the palm of your hand. join the growing weather app crowd so you won't be caught with your umbrella. just head to police have charged 55-year-old tyrone jordan with inappropriately touching a 14-year-old boy. jordan is the basketball coach
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at hoops summer cam, a twin lakes racket club. he is charged with sexual le abusing a mine -- sexually abusing a minor. detectives are worried there may be other victims. a man suffered critical injuries after he forgot to put his truck in park and it ended up running him over. he stopped it on richie highway near route 100. the truck started moving. he chased after it and he tripped and fell. that's when the truck rolled over him. police believe he was under the influence of alcohol. the new alcohol tax is bringing in more money for the state of maryland. according to state estimates, here's the bill, $6 million added to the revenue. the first month of the 50% increase in the state's sales
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tax. if july turns out to be the average that would be $72 million in extra state revenue. that falls short of knish estimates of $85 million. we have good news, bad news in the housing market. home sales in baltimore rose more than 6% but the average price continues to drop. the increase in home sales probably, because of lower prices and lower interest rates. the average home price fell 5%. the average number of days a home stayed on the market increased 13%. the main runways at bwi-thurgood marshall reopened after being shut down for repaving work. they used the shorter run wie for commercial airlines. the repaving project was and there. were only intermittent delays. >> we are just getting our
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voices back, a sunday spent screaming for the ravens. >> a hard time. >> many people are looking for help to fix the problems in a hurry. why you could end up being scammed. >> it's 82 degrees at bwi. our forecast was 82. so hour two-degree winner doris long from pittsburg. we're back with your weekend and the rest of the week. the navigator lift away traps 99.99% of dust and allergens.
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about 6 dogs a day. i really all right. we're coming up on mid-september, but a lot of us have holiday shopping. according to a new survey, most of us plan to spend less or the same amount. 28% to be -- 82% to be exact. more than half of those surveyed said the economy will slow down further. the holiday season is very important to the retailers and consumer spending is over two thirds of the u.s. economy. all right. all the wet weather we've been dealing with has led to plenty of leaky roofs. that means they're looking for contractors but don't take the first one that knocks at your door. wroa have this woke's scam -- we
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have this week's scam alert. >> reporter: many people are cursing a lot of names as they cleanup from the storms. the better business bureau is seeing big impacts. the days before eye reason they had 83 inquiries about tree service. after they have fielded more. >> people are in need. >> reporter: angie barnett with the bbb, warns there are plenty of unreliable companies. so-called storm chasers are in our area because of the bad weather we've seen. >> those are businesses that come from all over the country. they literally follow storms. >> reporter: and show up at your door often asking for money upfront. the bad operators might do some work and bolt with your cash. other scammers may do a shoddy
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job. >> you may be out money in which your insurance is not going to reimburse you. commission isn't going to get you any kind of settlement because they weren't licensed, weren't even from this area, so you really have to do your homework. >> that means contacting your insurance company first and searching for reviews through the bbb and make sure the contractor you choose is licensed and find out how long they've been in business. otherwise, your quick decision could cost you. it's a hard time to be a patient homeowner, but you have to be. >> thank you. angie barnett said in the days following the disaster chair ri scams pop up. make sure any charity is licensed. >> you can see all of the scam alerts waiting for you right
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now. just check on the scam alert link under the money tab on our home page. >> nice day of weather, holding up nicely after what has been a wild september with somewhat tropical activity. this week starting off on a nice quiet note. technically, still summer until the 21st. 81 degrees. winds from the southwest at five, enjoying a summer like evening. why not. take a look at some of the skies above day to day. tough to complain. partly cloudy, nice sunshine. temperatures warm in the low 80s, seasonable. humidity moderate, not bone dry but certainly nothing to complain about too much. so, again, the weather holding up nicely. lots of football practice going
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on in laurel. very, very little, a couple of stray showers between ago heaping -- hagerstown, and there's another isolated shower out of calvert county. temperatures in the low 80s right now. there are 70s and 60s. humidity 50%, 60%. tomorrow a great looking day, partly cloudy, temperatures in the mid-80s. overnight we'll be close to 60. some of the outer suburbs, mid-50s. satellite radar trend is quiet. there were some more heavy showers off the carolinas and virginia beach. high pressure sliding in south and west of us. it's an indication of a drier pattern, not completely dry. but, it's close enough to really
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quiet things down bring us a trend, i think a 5% chance. new front forming pushing into pennsylvaniaƱr and ohio. that should swing through maryland or baltimore. that could spark a few showers. tropics, the place that's given us a lot of headaches quiet. yes. we got tropical storm maria looking organized. it continues to be further north, not northwest. so that's going to mean it stays safely out to sea. if this hits bermuda, tropical force conditions. clear and cooler, especially north and west. tuesday 85. mostly sunny. tomorrow night 64, partly cloudy. i'd love to say staying calm. your seven-day forecast, the
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cool front, drops us into the 70s thursday, 60s friday into saturday as a reinforcing shot of cool air. so looks like we'll warm up on sunday. huge event for hundreds of swimmers. right now we think cool in the morning and a clear day. >> that's good. >> are you ready to swim? the ravens wanted it more and, man, did it show. if you wanted to see joe have a good day, they had it. we had ray lewis, ed reed, ngata. they snuck in on a two-point conversion. big ben was padded on his back.
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rave 35, pittsburgh 7 -- ravens 35, pittsburgh 7. >> it's good for the fans. they were into the 9/11 ceremony. they were chanting throughout the game. they didn't leave until even in a game they were there until the end. so proud of our fans and happy for the city. >> watch this hit by ngata. one more time. the ravens can't rest. we go to tennessee and follow that up to st. louis before returning home sunday night against the new york jets. kelly, it's just one week but one week. >> hard to top that. word of mouth is the best way to find out about businesses and products and bad review can
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leave a lasting impression. now some businesses are fighting back. plus, there could soon be a new way to get an unlimited data plan for the upcoming iphone 5. you have to be willing to take a chance. those stories plus wyatts' forecast.
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dust there'sing in on the weather map. >> just nice to see it quiet. it's a golden autumn sunshine. no big dole -- deal. september finally living up to its reputation, mid-80s, sunshine. it will get cooler if you're looking for that early taste of autumn. we will get it thursday, or friday. >> how do you like your steak? someone just called in. >> depends on the cut, medium, medium rare. >> can't do rare? we'll be back at 11. coming up, bachelor pad followed by castle. have a great night.
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